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Did you lock your keys in the car? Whether you’re at work or home and you’ve either locked the keys in the car or lost them all together, we can help. Don’t risk damaging your car or lock permanently by attempting to use the wrong tools yourself – call the professionals at Locksmith Las Vegas (702) 553-3171. Serving Las Vegas, Locksmith Las Vegas is the company to call when you need an automotive locksmith specialist. We’ll quickly arrive wherever you are and help you gain access to your vehicle, make a new key on the spot, or repair and replace your broken ignition. If it’s an emergency, let us know and we’ll prioritize your call so that you can get back on the road. Vehicle lockouts are frustrating, stressful situations. Our friendly, professional staff are ready to help you gain access to your car again. We take extreme care when working on your car, assuring that no damage comes to it while we work to open your vehicle. Transponder type key? Standard key? No worries! We can help you with most car keys. If you’ve lost your keys altogether, we can help you by getting you a new set of keys. We can also help with ignition repair or replacement and key extractions if you’ve broken off a piece of key in the lock. At Locksmith Las Vegas, we understand that you need access to your vehicle as soon as possible. That’s why we work as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality. Our professional, friendly staff are highly experienced and prepared to handle all automotive locksmith calls. We arrive promptly and talk through the services you need before getting to work and provide you with exactly what you need. When you require automotive locksmith services, count on Locksmith Las Vegas to help. Give us a call today (702) 553-3171! We look forward to serving you.
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It can be frustrating when the key fob to your car stops working or gets damaged. But you don’t have to take the car to the dealership to get a new one. XG Lock N Key offers automotive locksmith services through our mobile locksmith service — which serves the Ypsilanti, Ann Arbor, and Washtenaw County, Southeast Michigan area. Discover how we can help you with all your automotive locksmith needs.

Car remotes make your life easier — we get that. The problem is, when you need to do something simple, like change the batteries in the remote, it’s not a simple process. Not only do the batteries need to be replaced, but often, the remote needs to be completely reprogrammed to work with your car. That’s where we come in. XG Lock N Key works with both car and truck remotes and can help you with:


If you have a car key that has the key fob portion attached to the top of it, it’s called a remote head key. Remote head keys are convenient because you only have one thing to carry, but they can be problematic when the key fob portion stops working.

The good news is, Locksmith Las Vegas trained auto locksmiths can quickly repair your remote head key. Like a traditional key fob, remote head keys need to be programmed to work with your car each time the batteries are replaced. And an auto locksmith can easily do this for you. So if you need help with your remote key head, you should contact us as soon as possible.

Specialized Car Lock Services

Don’t panic when you’ve lost the keys to your four-wheeled companion. Instead, turn to our company in Las Vegas, Nevada, for quality car lock services. Locksmith Las Vegas. specializes in automotive locksmith jobs, including lock-and-key service for antique, vintage, classic, domestic, European, and Japanese vehicles. We continually advance our skill set to keep up with the latest auto security technology.

Our pros have the ability to generate a replacement key when you’ve lost the original, regardless of the vehicle’s year or make. We can duplicate and program all but a few keys that use transponder technology, whether through simple cloning with equipment that reads/writes existing transponder I.D., key duplication for the same vehicle, or hand-held tool programming for access via the O.B.D. port – the vehicle’s E.C.M. (computer).

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We have the ability to make remotes for many vehicles, even if you’ve lost the original remote. Our experts can get a remote up and running the same day you bring your car in, for a fraction of the cost at the dealership. We are a full-service locksmith and can work on your vehicle on site or at our shop if you want to save the cost of a service call (702) 553-3171.