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Protect your commercial property and related assets with commercial lock services from Locksmith Las Vegas. We provide a full line of services designed to increase security and peace-of-mind. Our highly trained team will unlock your door with a lockpick instead of a drill, so your door and lock will remain undamaged.

Locksmith Las Vegas specializes in high-security keys that prevent unauthorized duplication. We service and install:



Are you sure you know where every copy of your building’s key is? Could former employees still have a key? Or perhaps someone picked up a lost or stolen key? Consider who may have access to your building with that key that hasn’t changed in twenty years! If you want to be sure you’re in control of who has access to your property, Locksmith Las Vegas can take your lock apart and “rekey” it, meaning the old key won’t work anymore. No need to buy a new lock! We can rekey your current lock as an affordable way to keep your existing lock with the added security of a new key.

If your property features varying levels of security, you may be interested in a master key system. Your key can be made to open every lock on your property, but lower security areas can be accessed with a different key. Multiple keys can unlock the same lock!

Using a master key system designed at our shop, you can partition your property into areas of higher security and lower security. Or you can master key an apartment building so that every unit has a separate key but all of them can be opened with one master key. Gain the same advantages that many city government offices and private business owners have known for decades: life is simple if you have a master key system from Locksmith Las Vegas! If you lose the last of your keys for Suite 210, we can cut more for you if we generated your master key system. Using a master key system, we can also guarantee that no key in the system will work in a lock it was not designed for.

Hire Legion Locksmith Las Vegas and you leverage decades of knowledge and experience. Our proffesional techniciens has master keyed buildings in every corner of Las Vegas and provided businesses with commercial-quality security solutions that stand up to all of the vandalism a city environment can throw at your door.


In addition to best-of-breed surveillance technology, Locksmith Las Vegas also provides easy-to-use and intuitive software that allows you to view your installed cameras from anywhere in the world. Wireless camera systems are also available upon request, and we offer both standalone and multiple-camera solutions to suit all needs and budgets. Enquire now to find out more about our CCTV service.

Want the convenience of analog CCTV cameras with added functionality? Then our IP cameras are an effective option for your needs. IP cameras send and receive data via a computer network or Internet connection, and they employ a network video recorder (NVR) to handle the recording. These cameras are especially good if you’re away from your home or office for longer periods of time and require reliable, constant surveillance you can access from anywhere. Ask us about our DVR/NVR recording and see how they compare to analog CCTV systems.


Locksmith Las Vegas is the leading supplier and installer of high-quality CCTV systems for both homes and businesses in Las Vegas, NV. With several years of experience and a diverse portfolio of clients to our credit, our security specialists are committed to delivering professional and speedy services that suit all budgets. Whether you want to improve or upgrade the level of security in your home or business, you can count on Locksmith Las Vegas to provide the latest digital technology while installing our CCTV systems. Protecting your home or workplace against the impending threat of intruders is of vital importance and should never be neglected. The experts at Locksmith Las Vegas are always on hand and ready to create effective digital setups that meet your requirements and budget — all while providing fast and reliable service. From simple two-camera systems to much more complex ones, we supply a range of both indoor and outdoor cameras to ensure reliable monitoring of your property at all times. we encourage you to call our team to secure your house (702) 553-3171.
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If you’re a business owner or homeowner in Las Vegas area looking for a safe locksmith, Locksmith Las Vegas can help you. We are a locally owned mobile safe locksmith in Locksmith Las Vegas. Our mobile locksmith services cover all of Southeast Locksmith Las Vegas.

At Locksmith Las Vegas, our locksmiths are trained to work with both residential and commercial safes. If you need a safe installed or you are simply looking for a locksmith to change your safe combination, we have highly trained professionals ready to assist you.